Harry R. Hamilton Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important.
Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Cholock-Whitty, Jennifer Principal 902 864 6815 JCholock-Whitty@hrce.ca
MacGillivray, Kara Vice Principal 902-864-6815 kmacgillivray@hrce.ca
Brown, Susan Secretary 902 864 6815 Susan.Brown@hrce.ca

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Beaton, Bridget P/1 Bridget.beaton@hrce.ca
Calnen, Scott Grade 4 scalnen@hrce.ca Website
Campbell, Nicole Core French ncampbell@gnspes.ca Website
Chute, Nicole Grade 5 Nicole.Chute@hrce.ca
Coates-Jones, Heather Learning Centre HCoates-Jones@hrce.ca
Cooke, Jennifer Grade 1 jcooke@hrce.ca
Corey, Jen Primary CoreyJ@hrce.ca
Crowe , Jana (50 %) Reading Recovery (50%) Grade 1 JCrowe@hrce.ca
Doyle, Kelleigh ECE Pre-primary Lead kelleigh.doyle@hrce.ca
Edwards, Janelle Grade 2 Edwardsj@hrce.ca Website
Halvorsen, Angela Grade 3 AHalvorsen@gnspes.ca Website
Hanrahan, Sacha 50% ELT / 50% Reading Recovery SHanrahan@hrce.ca
Hart, Sarah Grade 3 Sarah.hart@hrce.ca
Jackson, Denise ECE Pre-primary Lead Denise.Jackson@hrce.ca
Jennings, John Guidance Counsellor john.jennings@hrce.ca
Kannaspuro, Tanja Resource Tanja.Kannaspuro@hrce.ca
Kennedy, Melissa ECE Pre-primary Lead Melissa.Kennedy@hrce.ca
Lefebvre, Christine Grade 2 clefebvre@gnspes.ca Website
Lydiard, Jennie ECE Pre-primary Lead jennie.lydiard@hrce.ca
MacDonald, Tanya Grade 1/2 Tanya.MacDonald@hrce.ca
MacKay, Brenda School Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) mackayb@hrce.ca
MacLean, Lyndsey Grade 2 lyndsey.maclean@hrce.ca
MacLellan, Michelle Physical Education michelle.maclellan@hrce.ca
McCormack, Lisa 50 % Resource 50% ELS LMcCormack@hrce.ca
Murphy, Tammy Pre Primary Tammy.Murphy@hrce.ca
Newhook-MacDonald, Karen Music KNewhook-Macdonald@hrce.ca Website
Nolan, Heather Grade 3 HNolan@hrce.ca Website
O'Brien, Susan ECE Pre-primary Lead sdobrien@hrce.ca
Parlee, Amy Librarian AParlee@hrce.ca Website
Peniche Perez, Cristy ECE - Lead - Pre-Primary mcpenicheperez@hrce.ca
Rockwell, Arlene ECE Pre-primary Lead Arockwell@hrce.ca
Tetanish, Tasha Grade Primary ttetanish@hrce.ca Website
Tiller, Sheri Grade 4 STiller@hrce.ca Website
Tingley, Alicia Pre Primary Alicia.Tingley@hrce.ca
Wilde, Amy Learning Centre awilde@hrce.ca

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Green, Derick Caretaker
Green, Wendy School Social Worker 902-221-1268 Wendy.Green@hrce.ca
Maber, Kelsey SchoolsPlus Assistant Lead 902-225-0767 kelsey.maber@hrce.ca
Parsons, Cindy Schools Plus Community Outreach Worker 902-719-6887 Cindy.Parsons@hrce.ca
Somers, Stephen Parent Navigator ssomrs@hrce.ca