Harry R. Hamilton Elementary

Newsletter for week of Sept. 18th

Dear Families,

We hope that everyone is doing well and stayed safe and dry during our most recent weather event.

To accommodate our students, ensuring that our youngest children are given the time needed to have their pictures taken, we have decided, in consultation with LifeTouch that our PP students will have their pictures taken on Thursday, September 21st beginning at 8:30 am. All other students from P-5 are invited to bring their best smiles to school tomorrow.

Our first fire drill of the year was a success. Our PP students did an amazing job moving quickly and quietly from their classrooms to the basketball court and stood quietly while our drill was conducted. Our P-5 students continue to be fabulous leaders and role models for our younger students.


We will be having our first lockdown drill on Thursday, September 21st at approximately 10:20 am.  During a lockdown drill, classroom doors are secured and the students remain inside the room until instructed by the teacher to resume their activities. All exterior doors are locked and no one is permitted to enter or leave the building.

Students are kept inside the school and classrooms when circumstances make it safer to stay in the classroom rather than evacuate.  Just as we prepare our students to properly respond to a fire drill, they also need to be aware of the proper response during a lockdown drill. When possible, our School Liaison Officer will assist us in conducting these drills.

Please be assured that staff at our school will spend time discussing the importance of these procedures with students prior to running a drill and will also practice the drill before Thursday. We will also take time after the drill to remind them that it was only a practice and there was no danger.

Please take the time to speak with your son/daughter about these procedures and reinforce their importance. We practice these drills to ensure our school remains a safe place for teaching and learning.

Coming to School When Sick:

Returning to school means that families have already experienced sickness. We’ve had several students test positive for COVID 19. If your child is sick, it is important for them to remain at home until they are feeling better. We certainly don’t expect a child with a mild sniffle to remain at home; however, if your child is experiencing more than one symptom and are feeling unwell, best health practice suggests that they remain at home.

SAC and PTA:

School Advisory Councils (SAC) are intended to give parents an opportunity to provide feedback in what is going on at school. For example, when HCRE or the province develops new policies, parents are given an opportunity to respond to the policy, and provide suggests and feedback. The SAC brings partners together to make decisions and share advice in the best interest of student learning and well-being. Our SAC will meet six times per year. If you are interested in becoming part of our SAC committee, please contact me at jcholock-whitty@hrce.ca or 902-864-6816. Our first meeting is on Wednesday, September 27th.

Our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) are also looking for new members! If you enjoy planning and organizing fun events for our families and would like to help with fundraising initiatives, please come to our first meeting on Wednesday, September 27th at 6:30.

Terry Fox Run:

We are excited to announce that our school will be proudly taking part in the 2022 Terry Fox School Run, scheduled to take place on Thursday, Sept. 28th  with a rain date on Sept. 29th.  This event will support cancer research while also building incredible school spirit for our students.  Let’s all show the great strength and resiliency of our school community with your support of one of our greatest Canadian heroes, Terry Fox.

If you are able to donate to the Terry Fox Foundation, please visit:


Thank you for your continued support and partnership.

Enjoy your evening!

J. Cholock

Coming up:

Sept 20th: Picture Day P-5

Sept 21st: Picture Day PP

                Lockdown Drill

Sept 27th: SAC at 5:30 (staff room)

                 PTA at 6:30 (staff room)

Sept 28th: Terry Fox Run

Sept 29th: Honour Truth and Reconciliation (Orange Shirt Day- More information to follow)

                 Rain date for Terry Fox Run

Oct 2nd: Truth and Reconciliation Day (no school for students and staff)

Oct 9th: Happy Thanksgiving (no school for students and staff)